XTEQi Dual 12″ Subwoofer – Multivoltage

Featuring dual 12″ force-cancelling active Kevlar drivers, each powered by a dedicated high output 1000W amplifier, with onboard DSP that offers wireless setup and control via a mobile device app. Delivering a reference-grade audio experience the XTEQi-12 brings unprecedented sound performance and beauty to every integration.


The New Pinnacle of Sound Technology SpeakerCraft® XTEQi-12 subwoofer pushes the envelope for ultra-high-performance subwoofers. Featuring dual 12″ force-canceling active drivers, each powered by a dedicated high-output 1000W amplifier, with onboard DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that offers wireless setup and control via a mobile app. The XTEQi-12 accurately reproduces low frequencies down to 17Hz, delivering an experience that can be both felt and heard, ideal for playback of music in listening rooms and motion picture content in home cinemas. The piano black, high-gloss lacquer finished 1″ MDF Cabinet is crafted to compliment other high-end, A/V components, bringing unprecedented sound performance and beauty to every environment. The intuitively designed Sub Station app eliminates the complexity of subwoofer setup, saving time for installers and homeowners alike. Tuning control is seamlessly managed from the app. An auto-EQ function to correct for room anomalies, allows for optimal performance and flexible subwoofer placement regardless of room size or shape.


Force Canceling Dual Drivers – Dual active Kevlar High Back-EMF drivers are mounted in a perfectly opposed configuration which cancels cabinet vibrations and transfers all energy into the room for incredible bass output. 

Bi-Amplified Design – Each driver is powered by its own 1000W amplifier enabling the subwoofer to play frequencies down to 17Hz resulting in teeth-rattling output as it shakes your home’s foundation.

Luxury Style – New high-gloss lacquer finish in striking Piano Black coats a 1″ MDF Cabinet. A subwoofer you’d be just as proud to show-off, as well as listen to.

Auto Setup – DSP room correction easily configures the EQ settings with the push of a button. Allowing for the maximum listening experience wherever these are placed.

Flexibility – With the optional wireless audio kit you can place these subwoofers anywhere in a room to create an immersive listening experience.


Woofer : Dual 12″ High-excursion Kevlar Cone with Big-Roll Surround
Amplifier Power (Peak) : 1000 Watts x 2
Communication Type : Bluetooth Low Energy
Signal Input : RCA Line Level with Buffered Outputs
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) : 17-200Hz
Crossover Frequency : 40-500Hz
Standby Power : 0.48W
Dimensions : 19.2″ x 18.1″ x 17.7″ (488mm x 460mm x 450mm)
Weight : 102.5lbs / 46.5Kg
Voltage : 100~240V Selectable


2 Year Warranty